My old email address ended up in a lot of address collections, because I left it unprotected both on the WWW and on Usenet. At the end of the life of my previous domain, I'd get several hundred spam mails per day. To avoid this, I'll be much more careful with my new address. To make your browser open a window (this requires your browser to be "connected" to your email software) click here and then immediately replace the ".invalid" part of the To address field with ".org". Then the email will actually reach me. My Usenet posts are protected in exactly the same way, in a fashion that a human user can easily circumvent, but which automated address harvesting software can't.

My cell phone number is unlisted, and it is only given to people with whom I have business relations (or expect or hope to have such relations). I absolutely hate being disturbed by a ringing phone, and as a consequence of this, all my personal contact takes place through email. If you want to have a business relation with me, email me and ask for my phone number. If you need my physical address, email me and ask for it (and be responsible about it if you get it - I also hate being disturbed by ringing doorbells).

As far as I am concerned, my time is mine, to use as I wish to use it, when I am alone in my home, and anybody calling my phone number or pushing my doorbell is trying to wrestle my time away from me, trying to control how I should spend it. Hence email.

I used to have a phone number starting with 3284, but this will cease to work, very soon. Do not call it attempting to reach me. The phone company will re-assign it to some other person.

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