In late 1997, I started designing a simple RPG system. My goal was to make a character creation rules set that was simple and very quick to use, without compromising flexibility. I did not achieve flexibility in the true (GURPS-/Sagatafl-type) sense, but I wanted to make a system that could re-create most fantasy genre character concepts, and I got that.

There are some large holes in the system, for instance it doesn't deal with languages at all (because I couldn't decide which class or classes to assign "language talent" to). The magic system is also extremely open to "GM interpretation", which was because I was lazy (back then) and unaware of my own inability to GM such "interpretable" systems. I've got some vague ideas about how to make the magic system more playable, by inventing a simple spell level system (somewhat similar to what is in Sagatafl). I may create that, some day, and then write it down and upload it. As for languages, I'm still not sure how to deal with it. If I get a good idea, I'll share...

Still, Multiclass is basically an abandoned project. I found that I had no use for it myself, no use at all, and so I ceased to work on it (to the extent that any real game designer can ever cease to work on a project - I still think about it, briefly, from time to time, trying to come up with improvements and fixes). Anybody who wants to develop material to Multiclass, feel free to do so. Just label your material clearly as being a "third-party supplement to Multiclass", so that people won't assume your stuff was written by me.

And if somebody comes along, and displays a healthy rules design attitude, I'll let him or her take over maintenance and development of the system entirely. The only condition (apart from a healthy attitude) is that this person must continue to make the original v1.0 rules and supplements available, along side with any future editions that he or she may make (e.g. a v1.5 or v2.0). Email me if you think I might approve of your attitude.

Now to the goodies. The main rules text: Multiclass RPG

A reference sheet: reference.txt

Some sample characters: char001.txt

A sort of v1.1 rules
update or supplement: additions01.txt

Everything is in pure ASCII (txt) format, unaltered and unedited since 1998. Do not take any of this as being indicative of my current English skills or rules design ability.

I didn't invent the concept of class priorities (Primary Class/Secondary Class) myself. I got the idea from a Star Wars "Live" system, which I had found on the WWW, back in 1997. But during a computer change, I lost the document (it was Word or Wordpad or something), and then when I searched for it on the net I was unable to find it. Thus I could not acknowledge the source of my inspiration. Some years later, the system showed up again, hosted by John Kim (who else?), here (this is a direct download of a .doc file).

And something new, after five years of no development, I've invented an enhancement on the standard 3d6 roll mechanic. It can be used in any 3d6-based skill system, whether Multiclass, GURPS, Hero or some other system. Features are: (A) Ease of use, (B) Speed of use, (C) Good probabilities (better than in any other 3d6-based roll mechanic I've ever seen). Get it here.

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