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InL To Sagatafl Main Site InL To Ærth Main Site (AErth)
ExL News in Danish
ExL More News in Danish (TV2)
ExL Sagatafl mailing list/YahooGroups
(the FFRE-Discussion list)
ExL Local News (Danish, DR)
(Greater Copenhagen Area)
ExL More Local News (Danish, TV2/Lorry)
(Greater Copenhagen Area)
ExL YahooGroups mailing
list service
ExL What's on TV
ExL Daily Illuminated News
from SJ Games
ExL GURPS from
Steve Jackson Games
ExL Merriam-Webster
(online dictionary)
ExL Misc. reference works (remote access from
Copenhagen library system, see note 1)
ExL TinyUrl
ExL Encyclopedia Britannica (remote access
via Copenhagen Library system, see note 1)
ExL Hotmail ExL GameFAQs
ExL Internet
Movie Data Base
ExL Google ExL MetaCrawler
ExL Fantastic Fiction - data base of written fiction ExL Fantastik - Danish club for
Fantasy and Science Fiction
ExL Gamespot, PC game section
(computer gaming "web-magazine")
ExL John Kim's website (RPG theory, and
a massive index of freeware RPG systems)
ExL Mensa Denmark ExL Mentiqa - the only school in Denmark
that services highly intelligent students
ExL RPG Net (amateur reviews of RPGs, and
columns, some of which are actually good)
ExL Noble Knight Games
(new and used RPGs)
ExL Fantask (RPG shop
in Copenhagen)
ExL Encyclopedia Mythica ExL WH Smith (temporarily unable
to ship to outside the UK)
ExL Saxo (Danish online book shop)
ExL Open Office forum ExL Alibris (used books) ExL SF Land (used fantasy
and science fiction books)
ExL Online maps of
Denmark (Krak)
ExL Danish rail/bus service
travel planning
validation service
ExL Pyramid Magazine
(SJ Games' generic RPG magazine)
ExL Journal of the Traveller's Aid Society
(Traveller RPG setting)
ExL W3's CSS
validation service
ExL Danish library system ExL Copenhagen library system
(see note 1)
ExL W3
ExL Amazon USA ExL Amazon UK ExL eBay

1 These services can only be used by residents of Copenhagen, who have registered with the Copenhagen library system.

This page is set up such that all 48 QuickLinks can fit inside a browser window on a computer running a 1280 x 1024 pixel display without any need to scroll the screen (on a 1024 x 786 display, the user will have to scroll down to see the bottom-most links, and even more so on a 800 x 600 display). With a font size of 16 (Goudy Old Style), which is what my computer is set up to, there is room for two lines of text next to each link button. My guesstimate is that pretty much all browsers are configured for a font size of 16 or smaller. The intent of this page is primarily my personal convenience (my browser is configured to use this as its start page), but also to indicate to visitors the websites that I visit the most. All the sites are about getting stuff done or acquiring information, or in other words, content rather than flashy graphics. Some of the links are rather specific to people living in Denmark, a few even to people living in Copenhagen county, but even if you live elsewhere, if your interests overlap mine then you will find something of use above.

I have not yet started work on my "proper" Links page, but of course it too will reflect my interests, and contain many neat pointers to websites that offer interesting and useful information.