Sagatafl News
12/mar-2005: I've uploaded a newer version of the Enchantment Options document (now v153). Still in PDF landscape, but now at 16 pages and with a slightly improved layout. Download here.

8/dec-2004: I've uploaded the Enchantment Options document (now v142), this time in PDF file format, landscaped layout and with a bigger (and thus more readable) font. Download here.

2/sep-2004: I've uploaded a newer version of the Sample Magic Items document. It contains a few new items, and Perk Point costs are done according to a new system which sometimes produces much more reasonable results (e.g. low-powered items cost fewer PPs). Download Sample Magic Items (PDF) or Download Sample Magic Items (MS word) here.

23/aug-2004: I've added a one-page "probability cheat sheet", showing the probabilities for some of the most common skill levels and Roll Difficulties. Download it here.

21/aug-2004: I've added an MS Word version of the (v07) Sample Magic Items document, because there are layout problems with the Open Office-generated PDF. The tables containing the item stats are not correctly placed, making the PDF annoying to read. Download here.

Other Site News
(Note, I will rarely announce changes to the Quicklinks or Links section here, nor minor updates. The actual "launch" of the Links page will probably be announced, though)

24/sep-2004: I have now implemented the new site layout on the QuickLinks page (here). It works in Netscape v7.2 and in Opera v7.5?, but has not yet been verified in Microsoft's Internet Exploder. I will gradually implement the new layout on the rest of the site. The QuickLinks page is also valid HTML, whereas the rest of the site has not been validated yet. I am working on it, though.

23/sep-2004: I am working on a slightly altered (and improved) layout for this site (starting with switching the background colour from white to very light grey), and I have also started using W3's HTML Validation service to try to ensure that my code is in compliance with international standards.

21/aug-2004: I've added a short text on an improved 3d6 skill roll mechanic that I've invented. It can be used in systems such as GURPS, Hero and Multiclass. It's described here.